started at the bottom, now we here.


started at the bottom, now we here.

Posted on February/3/2013
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ovoxo your girl at my next show

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OVO Fest
August 3rd, 2014 - Molson Amphitheatre. Toronto, Ontario.

Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour
August 8th - Darien Center, NY
August 9th - Noblesville, IN
August 10th - Tinley Park, IL
August 12th - Saratoga Springs, NY
August 13th - Hartford, CT
August 15th - Cincinnati, OH
August 16th - Clarkston, MI
August 17th - Burgettstown, PA
August 19th - Forest Hills, NY
August 21st - Camden, NJ
August 25th - Mansfield, MA
August 26th - Holmdel, NJ
August 27th - Virginia Beach, VA
August 29th - Bristow, VA
August 30th - Charlotte, NC
August 31st - Atlanta, GA
September 3rd - West Palm Beach, FL
September 4th - Tampa, FL
September 6th - Austin, TX
September 7th - Dallas, TX
September 10th - Morrison, CO
September 11th - West Valley City, UT
September 13th - Ridgefield, WA
September 14th - Auburn, WA
September 16th - Mountain View, CA
September 17th - Wheatland, CA
September 19th - Irvine, CA
September 20th - Chula Vista, CA
September 22nd - Los Angeles, CA
September 25th - Phoenix, AZ
September 27th - Woodlands, TX
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