Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs this blog?
- The person who runs this blog.

Where do you live?
- SF, CA

Can you follow back?
- No, I can’t follow back. Sorry. This blog isn’t made for following back. The only blog I can follow anyone back from is my personal one. 

Have you ever met Drake?
- Yes, I have :)

Where can I buy OVO clothing?
- If you want official OVO clothing it is not available to purchase anywhere. The only place that you can find official merchandise is at the merch stands during Drake’s concerts. However, knockoffs can be found online everywhere.

Drake, I love you very much. I think you are amazing and sexy…
- Sorry, this is not Drake. I am in no way affiliated with Drake at all. I’m just a fan running a blog about him, supporting him any way possible. 

Is Drake coming to “___________”? Do you KNOW when Drake will come to “___________”?
- Check his current tour/concert dates. I will keep his concert dates updated to my best.

Where can I purchase tickets?
- Ticketmaster/Livenation & StubHub 

Where can I purchase tickets for European concerts?
- Ticketmaster / Livenation / StubHub

What does OVOXO stand for?
- OVO = October’s Very Own / XO = Ecstasy and Oxycodone

What does ATF stand for?
- All Things Fresh

Does Drake have tatoos?
- Yes he does. Drake has several different tattoos. Pictures can be seen here.

Are Drake & Rihanna dating?
- I don’t know the ins and outs of Drake’s personal life. 

Are Drake & Nicki Minaj dating??
- Again, I have no clue. 

What’s the relationship between Aaliyah and Drake?
Drake and Aaliyah never had a relationship. They never dated. Drake’s just a fan of her music and the legacy she has left behind. He adores Aaliyah and who she was.

Can you make a lyric picture for me?
- Send me the lyrics & a picture and IF I have time I will make it. No guarantee that I will make every single picture or if I’l even make it. 

Any other questions? You can drop in the box.


Your girlfriend at my next show, OVOXO.

This is a blog completly dedicated to the grammy winning rapper Aubrey "Drake" Graham





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September 16th - Mountain View, CA
September 17th - Wheatland, CA
September 19th - Irvine, CA
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September 22nd - Los Angeles, CA
September 25th - Phoenix, AZ
September 27th - Woodlands, TX
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